Flywheels Motorcycle Engineering


Oil & filter change, spark plugs, tyre pressures, brake pad wear, check wheel & steering head bearings, lube & tension drive chain, wheel alignment, clean air filter, replace fuel filter and hoses, inspect/adjust valve clearances, flush hydraulics, top up & charge battery, check electrics, fork oil, coolant, balance carburettors/throttle bodies, lube cables & pivot points, check fasteners, test ride.

Engine Rebuilds

Disassemble and inspect components, replace bearings and seals, clean gasket surfaces, shim gearbox, clutches, pistons and rebores, valves and portwork, cams and valve timing, decoke combustion chambers, replace all gaskets.

Tyre Changes / Puncture Repairs

Remove chain and brake callipers, remove wheels and tyres, refit tyres, clean rims, balance and align wheels, adjust and lube chain.


Straight power runs, performance tuning, Rapidbike Power Modules injection & ignition remapping, databank of comparative tests, modification horsepower gains, wheel alignment, fork & shock operation, clutch slippage, ignition misfires, fuel consumption.