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Motorcycle Minder

Motorcycle Minder is an application for managing all your motorcycle maintenance needs and for logging repairs. Keep track of multiple bikes or cars, services, repairs and mods. Keep track of oil changes and other maintenance tasks for all your vehicles. Never have to wonder again when your Motorcycle needs it's next oil change, new air filter, or needs to be greased. Taking care of your motorcycle will prolong it's life and keep you out on the road. Motorcycle Minder's easy and beautiful interface lets you record services in mere seconds and lookup when a service is due just as fast. Motorcycle Minder includes the ability to maintain a log of any mods that you might make to your motorcycle so that you can remember everything that you have done to personalize your bike.

Bike Loan Calculator

Found the ride of your dreams? Want to know if you can afford it? This calculator will quickly tell you what it could cost each month to put you on that bike. Simple to use. Just enter the amount you want to finance, enter the length of the loan term, and enter the estimated interest rate, and you will be able to see your monthly repayments.

Bike Pics

Using this app you have access to a huge online library of motorbike/motorcycle pictures for viewing or use as wallpaper. The Live view gives you acccess to a huge set of up to date pictures and lets you chose whether you want; sportsbikes, harley davidsons, indians, tourers, scooters! The Library view provides access to an enourmous database of photos. Saved view lets you save pictures in the application.

Rev it up!

Lets you pretend your iphone is actually a motorcycle grip, so that as you rotate your wrist in a revving motion, you hear an actual motorcycle engine revving. Sounds are cleanly and clearly recorded from actual motorcycles. Choose from nine different models so see their grips and hear their engines.


Kick back and watch some of the best videos available on the iphone. BikeTube is the premier place for bike videos.

Motorcycle and Scooter Parking

Do you live in Australia and ride a motorcycle or scooter? Find a motorcycle parking spot in your city

ExpertVideo: Motorcycle Basics

New to your motorcycle or thinking of buying one for the first time? Knowing the basics of how to ride a motorcycle, what gear to buy, and the basics of motorcycle repair will greatly improve your first bike experience. Expert Video is a premier set of introductory Video Tutorials about motorcycle riding and safety.

Fastest Bike in the World

The large extensive collection includes fastest sport bikes from Ducati (an Italian manufacturer that turns dream into reality), Buell (a US manufacturer that makes unique, great fun to ride and look absolutely fantastic motorcyles), Aprilia (Italian bike maker that has earned themselves a faithful following), and many more. There are also key statistics such as performance, price, year for your reference.

Bike Bandit

Access a library of OEM parts diagrams for thousands of motorcycles. Great for selecting the right part for your bike.

Motorcycle Dictionary

When you're a biker, you're a part of a large community with its own specialized vocabulary. If you're new to motorcycling, it may be difficult to understand everything said. If you run across a biker term you do not know just remember to pull out your iDevice, and check out our Total Motorcycle Bikers Dictionary!

Motorcycle Track Log

"The Motorcycle Track Log is a uniquely versatile application that allows motorcycle racers, trackday riders and technicians to record and track set-up data using the convenience and simplicity of a smartphone. Our goal was not only to create a simple way of recording and organising data, but also to allow users to quickly retrieve a range of optimum settings, such as by circuit or weather condition. The application has been developed in partnership with a Road racing team in the UK, but it's designed to work equally well for Motocross, Supermoto, Enduro, Quad or Sprint racing. In fact, any two-wheeled discipline that involves testing and recording changes to the machine"

My Ride

An App for bikers written by bikers. An app written specifically for motorcycles and motorcycle owners. A customizable safety check list! Add, delete, and rearrange the list to be motorcycle and owner specific. Each item on the list will note the last time the item was checked. Maintenance tracking. Input your motorcycles maintenance cycle by mileage or date and MyRide will remind you when maintenance is due. Enter any needed maintenance and MyRide will remind you what needs to be done. All completed maintenance is tracked by date and mileage. Your maintenance record can be emailed to anyone that needs a record of the maintenance completed on your motorcycle. Battery tracking. You can track your battery life and set a date to check your battery in the future. There is a note area for details. No more dead battery surprises. Tire tracking. Front and Rear tires can be tracked separately. Use the on/off switch to choose the front or back tire to track. Here you can set a future mileage target at which time to be reminded to check your tires. There is a note area for details. Gas usage tracking. Track your gas usage, cost and MPG by the day, week, month, year or any custom date. Use your trip meter or odometer to track mileage. See a graph of your MPG for any customizable date range. Consolidate gas data by the day, week or month if needed. Additions to Motorcycle. Track all your additions to your bike including a note area for details. Total Costs. Track the total costs of buying, modifying, and riding your motorcycle. Track multiple motorcycles. Use metric or English measurements. Keep track of important information on each bike such as the Vin number and license plate number. Just hit the all bikes button and swipe left or right to find your bikes. Travel Section. Keep track of all your important contact phone numers and your insurance information in this section. In addition there is a pre trip check list. Any number of lists can be made and each is customizable. Make a list for a day trip, a weekend trip, a week long trip, or any kind of trip you want. You can also track rides you have done or want to do in the MyRides section.

Stop Watch

Finally! A Stop Watch that does everything you need. Great for coaches and individuals alike. Use it for track, swimming, running, biking, or anything else you can think of.

Stop Watch presents a simple interface that allows you to:

  • Add as many laps as you need (laps with the lap time and the total time!)
  • Add the date to the event
  • Add a title to the event
  • Edit individual lap information
  • Save and load all of your data quickly
  • Email the data inside Stop Watch

Stop Watch also features:

  • A strobe light for night/morning running
  • A timer that will run even after you close Stop Watch or after you save an event with a running timer
  • Auto saving when you get a phone call or quit Stop Watch
  • Full user interaction while the timer is running
  • Optional countdown to timer start
  • A smaller timer that displays the current lap's time, in addition to the main timer that displays the total time.
  • An edit button so you can delete laps
  • An option in Settings to flash the screen when buttons are pushed to make it easier to know if you pushed them

Note: You may see that the timer appears to jump at times, but be assured that the timer is still fully accurate. This jumping is just caused by the screen not being able to keep up with the timer.

Track Days

Based on the popular local track day guide, "Everything You Need to Know About Motorcycle Track Days in Texas", the Track Days iPhone app will get you ready for taking your motorcycle to the track. It is primarily a reference guide, with each section covering a chapter from the book. It has been modified and enhanced to apply to anyone, anywhere in the world that wants to learn more about taking their bike to a track. It also includes a checklist, which is handy for keeping track of what else you need to pack before leaving.

Best Biking Roads

Looking for new places to go on your bike? Or are you on a trip and want to find great motorcycling roads near to you? Look no further.

The iPhone app is the latest extension of the webs largest motorcycle touring resource (Established and running for over 6 years). Benefit from the experience of over 12500 motorcyclists and nearly 5000 route reviews from all over the world.

Community added and peer reviewed favourite roads.

Add your favourite roads and contribute to the community, search for a road, look up roads and routes in new areas for trip planning or weekend rides.

App recommended by some of the worlds most renowned motorcycle publications

Main Features:

  • Show motorcycle routes near to your or another selected location
  • Show routes by region, text search, or location clicked on map.
  • Best Motorcycle Roads nearest to your desired location are returned in order of their proximity to you, using Garmin style proximity and direction markers.
  • Add great new roads easily as you discover them, re-review existing routes and add your own comments, contribute routes you find to the largest routes community anywhere.
  • Routes added by other users from other interfaces (Android App, Web Interface) are immediately available to you


Stay connected to your motorcycle from virtually anywhere! The rLiNK Motorcycle SmartTech system incorporates advanced theft prevention, real time GPS tracking and SMS alerts with programs that allow motorcycle enthusiasts to document and share their riding experience.

Two way communication with unlimited range and Police accessible theft tracking keep you connected to your motorcycle at all times. Receive immediate trigger alerts for shock, tilt, perimeter, ignition and movement.

Use rLiNK to view maps of your rides and receive instant progress updates with detailed trip stats. Upload maps, top speed and segment times quickly and easily to Facebook and Twitter with rLiNK's social networking interface.

Download the free app to explore what rLiNK can do to keep you connected to your motorcycle from anywhere, at anytime.

Stay connected in 4 easy steps.

  1. Download the free rLiNK application to your iPhone or iPod Touch.
  2. Install rLiNK in your motorcycle. See for more information on purchasing the rLiNK system, accessories and data plan.
  3. Set up your account to activate the module and have access to all available features.
  4. From the iPhone application, log into your account, linking it to your rLiNK system.

The app works with the rLiNK module installed on your motorcycle to:

  • control alarm functions
  • display top speed and segment times
  • view and share maps
  • activate tracking and recovery
  • and more!


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